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Time to Hit the Gas

June 1, 2021
By Vladimir Negron

Utilizing iterative data analysis and our proprietary process to paid management

Digital Spend ROI
Increase in Inbound Leads in First 60 Days

Mend Family is a fast-growing telemedicine and digital patient intake software provider based in Orlando, FL.

At the time Mend found most of its success from outbound efforts and referral partners. OM was hired, along with a business development representative, to enhance their lead generation and inbound strategies.


The Project

OM and Mend coordinated to create strategies that would dominate the product segments vital to the client: HIPPA-approved Telemedicine Software and Integrated Digital Patient Intake and Scheduling. With a well-defined message and highly-targeted digital marketing strategy, OM was able to grow the inbound pipeline by 3.7 times for Mend in just 4 months and achieve a web ROI of 334.76%.


Digital Spend ROI
Increase in Inbound Leads in First 60 Days

Our Solution

Build a Foundation

OM led a full foundational update within the existing infrastructure:

  • Analytics: Set up a proper analytics foundation with complete conversion visibility across all traffic channels.
  • SEM & Paid Social: Focused on achieving high impression share (nearly 90%) on top Telemedicine terms and supporting the effort with remarketing campaigns promoting Mend’s superior platform features.
  • SEO: Through metadata development, on-site copy updates, cross-linking, and content marketing strategies, high value terms were brought to the forefront and thrived.
    Marketing Automation: Leveraged a combination of Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, and sequence marketing to handle scalable personalized automation for a small inbound sales team.

Scale with Strategic Execution

Utilizing iterative data analysis and our proprietary process to paid management, OM has been able to optimize for scalable ROAS (return on ad spend) for Mend. Recently, we’ve begun branching into broader strategies to further penetrate the fast-growing telemedicine industry. As a result, in a very short time, OM has achieved scalable and investment-ready growth strategies as Mend’s outsourced marketing team.

KPI’s & Success Metrics

  • 150% Increase in inbound leads in 2 months
  • PPC: 74% account-wide search impression share for “money terms”
  • 3.7x growth in monthly pipeline revenue with flat spend
  • Complete multi-channel conversion tracking implemented

Vladimir Negron

Growth Director
OM Performance Marketers

Vladimir has nearly 15 years of experience as a digital marketer, content strategist and growth manager. He’s most passionate about collaborating with clients on establishing clear customer journey funnels as well as leading teams from planning to execution, which led him to earn his PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate in 2018. He also loves to geek out on comics and sci-fi movies.

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