Modernizing Medical Sales with Digital Marketing

Our 3-step process will help you lead the Healthcare industry in transitioning from an outside sales-oriented business to a modern inbound lead generating machine.

Your Dedicated Digital Transition Team

We’re a performance marketing agency that owns the process from strategic planning to execution.

Our experienced team works with you to build a digital foundation that will transition your outside sales process to a high-intent, inbound sales approach designed for your healthcare organization. As your full-service digital marketing partner, we immediately reduce your hiring needs and help you control internal costs while offering full service execution.

Our Key Objective

Achieve a 15-20% CAC (Cost to Acquire a Customer) reduction by shifting your organization from outside sales to inbound sales.

Core Competencies

Healthcare Sales Transition to Digital

Improve the efficiency of your traditional sales efforts by up to 70%. Designed to support the most advanced lead generation strategies, our approach starts with the fundamentals of an effective digital presence to achieve a scalable marketing environment.

Digital Sales Lead Acquisition

Generate more inbound sales leads by using proven digital channels for your business. From SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) to social media and advanced content strategies; we test, iterate, and optimize for scalable growth.

CRM and Lead Management

Receive dedicated support for your inbound sales process, CRM and Lead Management, while increasing customer interaction with a custom stack of automation tools and practices for your team.

Conversion-Based Web Development

Extract maximum value out of every dollar spent on acquisition with performance-focused websites and conversion tactics.

Digital Analytics

Make strategic decisions and improve long-term success based on data-backed analysis to produce clear and actionable insights.

“Almost every patient, doctor, and government on the planet now understands the value of Telehealth and digital engagement technology.”

Matt McBride
President & CEO, Mend VIP

A Proven Process

We effectively scale and achieve smart, sustainable growth with our unique approach that takes your acquisition efforts to the next level.

We effectively scale and achieve smart, sustainable growth with our unique approach that takes your acquisition efforts to the next level. By establishing a measurable funnel to collect data throughout the process, we apply thoughtful, data-driven tactics to connect with your audience on high-performing channels.

Simply Put

We focus only on the process and actions that accelerate revenue growth.


Digital Foundation and Strategy

Digital growth doesn’t happen without a proper foundation. Using SEO, analytics, and sitewide conversion funnels, we develop the groundwork for reliable organic performance before you invest in paid acquisition.


Lead Management & Demand Generation

We work collaboratively with you to understand the digital landscape for your organization, define your ideal audiences and verticals, and execute targeted acquisition strategies.


Growth and Optimization

Our process focuses on nurturing and continual retargeting to facilitate sales conversion and user engagement growth.

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