Creating a Scalable Conversion Stack for a Fintech Leader

March 20, 2023

Strategic Marketing and Execution: The Key to CardX's Fintech Triumph

Up to 31%
MQL > SQL Conversion rate (per month)
Up to 43%
MQL > Closed Deal Conversion rate (per month)

Launching a successful FinTech product requires much more than a recognizable name and a standout product. To truly break through the clutter and deliver a message that resonates with consumers, you need to have a finger on the pulse of their needs.

This was the challenge faced by CardX, a credit card surcharging solution that fully complies with state laws and credit card brand rules. The goal was to protect small business owners from unnecessary expenses and increase brand awareness beyond the “1%” in the market for a credit card surcharging solution. In this case study, we will explore how CardX overcame these challenges with the help of OM to execute a strategic acquisition and sales system.

CardX Goals:

  • Build out direct acquisition and sales systems
  • Increase market education around surcharging
  • Achieve measurable and scalable inbound demand that meets provided annual operating plan

The Challenge:

  • Creating the conversion stack to capture those in-market for credit card surcharging solution.
  • Growing brand awareness of CardX around surcharging and compliance and position as the leader in the space.
  • Further educating the target user base about surcharging and compliance.
  • Fostering new demand to meet and exceed growth initiatives outlined by executives.

The Results:

  • Deal submission target met and exceeded: 150% of goal
  • Built and managed the entire digital conversion stack from first touch point to sales hand-off with a complete attribution system
  • Complete CPL to CAC loop with the sales team 
Up to 31%
MQL > SQL Conversion rate (per month)
Up to 43%
MQL > Closed Deal Conversion rate (per month)

Our biggest challenge in building our direct acquisition channel was educating the market on the benefits of surcharging to streamline sales and improve lead quality. In partnership with OM, we developed a comprehensive acquisition strategy and sales system that consistently exceeded our targets.

Elizabeth Connett

Director of Marketing

Our Solution “The Framework”

We executed a gradual strategy to build and refine a marketing system that can could scale efficiently. Our plan involved implementing high-intensity techniques to fulfill and seize current customer demand, while also generating future demand by leading potential customers through an educational buyer's journey that relied on informative content and value-driven remarketing.

Foundational Work

• Strategic Planning
• Implementation and Execution
• Conversion Stack Set Up
• KPI Tracking & Reporting
• Marketing Attribution (CRM Clean Up)
• Web Design, Development, and Conversion Optimization

Capture Existing Demand

• Paid Search: Industry and Product Segmentation
• Paid Social: Focus on Education and Awareness (Full-funnel)
• Remarketing: All Website Platforms
• Email Nurture & Automation Support

Create New Demand

• Customer Research and Analysis to Drive Marketing Strategy
• Pillar Based Content Strategy
• Educational Campaign Centered Around Surcharging Compliance (Industry Thought Leadership)

Capitalizing on Scale Potential

• Organic Content Strategy
• Development of Educational Resource Hub Housed on Website
• Development of Integrated Marketing Approach

Phase 1: Build a Foundation

  • Analytics: Set up and manage traffic and conversion tracking across all paid social and search advertising platforms.
    Technical SEO: From website speed optimization to a clean-up of conflicting and outdated plug-ins to the organization of taxonomies.
  • Organic SEO: Optimization of website copy, broken links/redirects, metadata, and reorganization of focus keywords.
  • CRO: Complete overhaul of main navigation pages to improve user experience and conversion rate.
    Created pipeline-based reporting system and sales feedback loop.

Phase 2: Demand Funnels to Capture In-Market Leads

  • Demand Funnel: Verticalized full funnel acquisition strategy and lead nurture to guide prospects from initial touch point to closed sales, using ad strategy, landing pages, and lead nurture.
    Sales Feedback Loop: A stable communication flow on sales conversations to derive insights needed for a pivot on advertising execution in real time.

Phase 3: Demand Creation Toolset and Strategy

  • Education: OM led the strategy and development of two (2) education-focused paid social campaigns and digital content designed to increase awareness and understanding of surcharging as a viable solution to credit card processing fees.

Phase 4: Scale Demand with Optimization and Refined Strategy

  • Before OM, the client had no assets (blog, guides, etc.) for prospects to become more familiar with the product offering and core benefits. This hampered their ability to establish trust and ignite a fiery desire for learning. OM worked directly with the client’s development team to build a living place for relevant content and insights, influencing greater web traffic and improving search keyword rankings.

Results (KPIs)

  • 60% increase in organic traffic 
  • 50% decrease in CPL YoY
  • 150% of deal submission goal


The success of the CardX brand was achieved through a strategic marketing and sales system that focused on education and building trust with the target audience. The key takeaway from this case study is the importance of educating consumers about the benefits of a product or service and the impact that a deliberate and proven strategic approach can have on the success of a brand.


Daniel Sosa

Founder & CEO
OM Performance Marketers

Daniel is the Founder of OM Performance Marketers. With over 10 years experience in analytics implementation and digital demand strategies, Daniel has a proven track record of scaling growth startups and helping large organizations with their digital transformation.

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