Creating a Scalable Conversion Stack for a Fintech Leader

March 20, 2023

Strategic Marketing and Execution: The Key to CardX's Fintech Triumph

Up to 31%
MQL > SQL Conversion rate (per month)
Up to 43%
MQL > Closed Deal Conversion rate (per month)
Exceeded 150%
of the Sales Goal


Surcharging example on receipt.

CardX gives small businesses a solution to pass on credit card fees to customers, offering them a way to avoid expenses they’d typically incur on the consumer’s behalf. This innovative approach aimed to reshape how businesses handle transaction costs.

The Challenge:

To create scalable demand, CardX needed to educate businesses about the benefits and legal aspects of credit card surcharging. The goal was to dispel the stigma often associated with credit card processing fees, proving that surcharging can be both fair and transparent.


Our Solution “The Convert Framework”

Phase 1: Foundation & Analytics

We started by beefing up CardX’s digital backbone:

  • Analytics: Implemented detailed tracking across digital campaigns to pinpoint where we’re winning.
  • SEO & CRO: Boosted website speed, streamlined UX, and fine-tuned the conversion flow.
  • Feedback Systems: Integrated a sales feedback loop to allow pivots backed by real customer feedback.


Phase 2: Capture Demand

With the foundation set, we focused on capturing high-intent prospects:

  • Inbound Lead-Gen: Deployed a vertical-specific acquisition strategy with tailored ads and baseline educational content across multiple touch points, nurturing leads to conversion.
  • Funnel Movement: Focused on intensifying conversion efforts by enhancing engagement and trust-building strategies for leads already within the funnel.


Phase 3: Create Demand

To foster new demand, we initiated targeted educational campaigns:

  • Educational Campaign: Launched ‘Surcharging 101’ a social creative campaign and digital content that clarified the advantages of surcharging, addressing common misconceptions and regulatory concerns.

Up to 31%
MQL > SQL Conversion rate (per month)
Up to 43%
MQL > Closed Deal Conversion rate (per month)
Exceeded 150%
of the Sales Goal

Our biggest challenge in building our direct acquisition channel was educating the market on the benefits of surcharging to streamline sales and improve lead quality. In partnership with OM, we developed a comprehensive acquisition strategy and sales system that consistently exceeded our targets.

Elizabeth Connett

Director of Marketing

Phase 4: Integrated Full-Stack Marketing

Our approach culminated in an integrated marketing strategy that solidified CardX’s market presence:

  • Resource Hub: Launched a comprehensive resource hub with content essential to converting thought leadership, significantly boosting engagement and conversion.
  • Educational Content: Launched social campaigns and digital content that clarified the advantages of surcharging, addressing common misconceptions and regulatory concerns.



Our systematic application of the Convert Framework led to remarkable outcomes for CardX:

  • Exceeded Targets: Achieved 150% of the deal submission goal.
  • High Conversion Rates: MQL to SQL conversion as high as 31%, and SQL to Closed Deal rate up to 43%.
  • Client Feedback: CardX acknowledged the significant improvement in market education and lead quality, attributing to a proven acquisition strategy and robust sales pipeline

Daniel Sosa

Founder & CEO
OM Performance Marketers

Daniel is the Founder of OM Performance Marketers. With over 10 years experience in analytics implementation and digital demand strategies, Daniel has a proven track record of scaling growth startups and helping large organizations with their digital transformation.

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