Accelerating Healthcare Sales Through Digital Marketing

May 31, 2021

How a thriving outside sales organization leveraged digital marketing and inside sales to speed growth.

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Restructuring Your Organization to Maximize Revenue Growth When was the last time you thought about the structure of your organization and shuffled things around in an effort to maximize growth? The answer to that question will likely vary dramatically based on the size of your organization, but regardless of the size of your business, the one thing that all businesses have in common is the goal of increasing revenue. Growth is always the goal because stagnation is never an option in an ever-growing and expanding economy.

What does the structure of your organization have to do with revenue growth? While your organizational structure might not be the reason your company grows, the proper structure can provide clarity and drive focused action that will result in better success.

In our latest Ebook on “Revenue Marketing,” we spend a lot of time talking about the idea that many marketing teams and professionals have lost sight of their company’s main objective: Revenue Growth.

Instead, marketers have become focused on vanity metrics like impressions, engagement, clicks and whatever KPI they can find to measure their efforts against. While none of that is necessarily bad, and often leads to revenue growth (as leads convert to sales), KPIs have become the primary goal for many marketing departments when they should be focused on results. The way to combat this dilemma is through an integrated approach to marketing and sales; both functions should be aligned (and be accountable to) the primary goal of revenue growth.

VaxCare Strengths:

  • Strong product market fit
  • Strong sales organization
  • Experienced team and leadership
  • Realized healthcare sales is going through a digital transformation

The Challenge:

  • Strong product market fit
  • Strong sales organization
  • Experienced team and leadership
  • Realized healthcare sales is going through a digital transformation
in Lead Conversion Rate
in Cost Per Lead
From Lead To Opportunity

Traditional methods of direct sales have literally been quarantined. We can't show up on their doorstep, but we can say hello in their feed.

Joe Loveless

Director of Digital Marketing VaxCare

Our Solution “The Framework”

Together we took a phased approach to building a scalable marketing system. Our framework used high-intent strategies to saturate and capture existing demand, and created future demand by walking our prospects through an education based buyer's journey using content and value-based remarketing.

Build a Foundation

• Strategic Planning
• Implementation and Execution
• Tech Stack Build
• KPI Tracking & Reporting
• Marketing Attribution
• Web Design, Development, and Conversion Optimization

Capture Existing Demand

• Paid Search: Segment Acquisition & Penetration
• Paid Social: Specialization Focused Audience Funnels
• Remarketing: Social, Search, and Video
• Marketing Automation
• ABM & Target List Acquisition & Sales Support

Create New Demand

• Attribution Guided Budget Allocation
• Pillar Based Content Strategy
• Development of Integrated Marketing Approach

Scale with Strategic Execution

• Attribution Guided Budget Allocation
• Pillar Based Content Strategy
• Development of Integrated Marketing Approach

Phase 1: Foundation & Capturing Existing Demand

OM created a digital foundation to collect data and learnings for future success.

  • Defined message and value proposition
  • Defined “specialization” targeting strategy
  • Built an acquisition system: Replicable and specialization-focused landing pages, lead nurture and education, inbound sales process
  • Demand generation: Search, social, and “specialization” focused ad placement across other platforms
  • Integrated Salesforce
  • Created reporting structure (Paid, Organic, Direct)
  • Collected data learnings for development of growth framework

Phase 2: New Demand Generation & Thought Leadership

  • Evaluated and scaled up the established framework
    • Landing pages CRO
    • Bi-weekly ad iteration
    • Audiences optimization
    • New PPC focus segments
    • Learning: We learned about limitations in existing demand and our need for toolsets to create new demand. The industry was hungry for guidance and resources.
  • Built content distribution tools and created industry authority
    • Brand new marketing website
    • Thought leadership toolset
    • Custom Blogs
    • Clinic resources
    • Gated content (webinars, eBooks, white papers)
  • Developed and guided “pillar” content strategy
  • Challenge: Content required lengthy review periods

Phase 3: Scale Sustainably & Create Customer Advocacy

During this phase OM created an annual campaign calendar to guide content production and the scaling of vaccine guidance. With a full digital setup and proof of concept, the focus shifted to new demand creation. Leveraging our toolsets to launch quarterly campaigns and market resources for continued awareness, education, and brand trust.


  • A targeted and multi-touch digital strategy (live within 60 days).
    • Included specialization-focused targeting (family, pediatrics and internal medicine providers).
    • Built custom landing pages, multi-touch advertising strategy, and a lifecycle stage based email lead nurture.
    • A robust analytics system and UTM structure which enabled clear attribution and CAC data.
    • Complete Salesforce integration with lead routing, and last-touch acquisition reporting.
  • 6%+ lead conversion rates and MoM decreases in CPL and CAC from paid digital.
  • Built a high-performing inside sales system, lead management, and CRM reporting within Salesforce.
  • Proved that digital can be the primary growth channel.
  • Cemented digital acquisition as the pillar acquisition strategy of the VaxCare organization.


As the world continues to shift (at hyper speed since COVID) to digital communication, forward thinking organizations like VaxCare will recognize this unparalleled opportunity to embrace innovation and outgrow the competition. These companies will leverage digital marketing to drive inside sales, build their pipeline and navigate the new landscape.


Daniel Sosa

Founder & CEO
OM Performance Marketers

Daniel is the Founder of OM Performance Marketers. With over 10 years experience in analytics implementation and digital demand strategies, Daniel has a proven track record of scaling growth startups and helping large organizations with their digital transformation.

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