Building A Lead & Sales Machine


Building A Lead & Sales Machine

The Approach & Strategy

Payment processing is one of the most aggressive and competitive industries OM has encountered in digital advertising. Large companies will battle and pay upwards of $250 CPC (cost per click). Fattmerchant and OM coordinated to define a message and segment around friendly, transparent, and subscription-based processing. We leveraged Google Ads, Social Media, and value-based content strategies to share our unique message and beat the “deep pockets” of slower-moving organizations.

Building the Funnel

The current state of the payment processing segment skews to the bottom of the funnel. Businesses treat their processors as a “necessary evil,” and only change after a problem occurs. As a result, most budgets focus on high-intent PPC strategies. OM shifted the spectrum to focus primarily on customer education and customer support, then created a funnel approach to acquire large-scale leads through organic, content, and paid tactics. These leads were nurtured and pushed through the buying cycle with higher-intent tactics involving social media “lifecycle targeting” through Hubspot and the bottom of funnel long-tail keywords targeting SMB verticals.

Growth & Execution

  • Content: Coordinated with writers on creating deep value-based guides (e.g., “The 2019 Ultimate Guide to Payment Processing”) and video segments (e.g., “Biz With Liz”).
  • Social Media: OM utilized its unique funnel-based approach to social media, which diminishes “low interest” leads and focuses ad spend on “high intent” individuals.
  • PPC: OM focussed on an “exact keyword” approach to long-tail segments, which enabled us to control ad spend while still maximizing on lead quality.
  • CRO: “Free Payment Analysis” If we don’t beat your processor you get an Amazon gift card. SMBs care about 2 things: How do I make money? How do I save money? – We heavily targeted the latter.

KPI’s & Success Metrics

  • 8 Months of execution strategies grew our monthly leads by about 12x
  • Complete channel-specific ROI reporting structure
  • Raised over 11M in venture capital to accelerate growth


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