The Villages

A Shift To Digital & Selling 20,000 New Homes

The Villages

A Shift To Digital & Selling 20,000 New Homes

The Challenge

After 30 years of success, domain value, and 120,000 active residents, The Villages already had a highly trafficked website and good domain authority. The challenge was that there was no meaningful approach to traffic education and marketing funnels. Additionally, there were no online lead forms or engagement mechanisms for prospects to request a “Lifestyle Portfolio” or arrange a “Lifestyle Preview Plan,” which are the primary top of funnel engagement mechanisms for The Villages’ 250-person sales team.

The Foundation

OM led a full foundational update within the existing infrastructure:

  • Analytics: Set up a proper analytics foundation with complete conversion visibility across all traffic channels.
  • SEO: Through metadata development, on-site copy updates, cross-linking, and content marketing strategies, high-value terms were brought to the forefront and thrived.
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): High-converting landing pages with dynamic headers built around all top-value propositions in The Villages.
  • Lead Nurture: A long buying cycle and the high volume of traffic made it apparent that The Villages needed a mechanism to assist sales with lead upkeep and touchpoints.

Growth & Execution

Once the foundation was in place, OM developed and executed a multi-channel strategy that leveraged SEM marketing in order to achieve high-value keyword penetration. The primary focus was increasing conversions and owning search impression share for relevant, high-intent queries.

Additionally, robust Facebook awareness-to-conversion funnel campaigns were created. These new channels OM initiated now account for over 65% of all inbound leads. The OM Facebook campaigns have been especially successful, bringing in over 1,000 leads per month.

KPI’s & Success Metrics

  • A 3x increase in website conversion rate
  • 18% YoY increase in traffic
  • 1200% increase in web leads in the first year
  • Portfolio and LPP (Lifestyle Preview Plan) requests are at an all-time high since 2002
  • Complete digital tracking and digital dashboard


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