It’s Time To Shift Your Medical Sales Team To Inside Sales


If you’ve been following our latest ebook on healthcare’s digital transformation, you’re quite aware why digital communication is lacking in healthcare. Likely your sales team is high performing but stuck in a unique situation where both processes and market demands are changing rapidly. It’s time to begin shifting part of your sales team to inside sales in order to align your organization to a modern healthcare industry.

It is both cost and time-inefficient for an experienced salesperson to spend their time prospecting. The need to prioritize our sales team’s time to focus on sales, relationship building, and onboarding has been amplified with the continued introduction of digital marketing in healthcare, efficiency requirements, and increasing restrictions of access to healthcare facilities.

Where to start

Like many, you’ve either already begun shifting your marketing and communication efforts to digital, which should increase inbound leads. But before locking down an account executive in the early days of your inside sales transition, we suggest creating an SDR (Sales Development Representative) + Account executive duo who will be the heroes of the initial inside sales transition. Your SDR will be primarily responsible for fielding and qualifying leads before hand delivering to the account executive who should be allotting time and capacity to practice and perfect their inside sales process.

Your team should outline the buyer’s journey and how customers become aware of your offering. This can give your team insight into the expected product understanding of the prospect based on their entry point. For example; Was it a paid ad (low knowledge) or was it a webinar (high knowledge)?

Measuring and learning

As we execute and learn we should closely monitor and analyze our conversations with leads. What are we learning? How is the sales cycle being affected? What’s the feedback loop between Marketing, the SDR, and our Account Executives?

Pending the current status of your lead generation; experience tells me that you will be surprised with the level or knowledge your inbound prospects will have and how much shorter the sales cycle is.

Get started and let us know how it’s going! Need inbound lead support? We’re always here to help! We can also help structure your modern sales organization and set up your CRM.

Want to learn more about a modern sales organization? See the anatomy of a modern sales organization in our latest ebook on healthcare’s digital transformation:

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