How a Modern Healthcare Company Should (Re)Build its Sales Team

Healthcare can no longer ignore that digital communication is the most effective and scalable way to engage prospects, introduce solutions, and drive sales. In fact, healthcare companies need digital marketing now more than ever.
However, that still leaves a very important question left unanswered: how does a healthcare technology company properly structure its sales team to compliment a digital marketing initiative?

Shifting from Outbound to Inbound Sales

Outbound sales has been the cornerstone of a sales department ever since there were such things as sales departments. Nevertheless, the traditional outbound sales structure is limiting in many ways.
One major limitation is its inability to effectively and inexpensively generate brand or product awareness at scale. Potential customers are also increasingly displeased with the tactics many outbound sales representatives are forced to use to make initial contact like cold calling and in-office sales pitches. When was the last time you heard of a doctor or office manager that was excited to speak to an outbound sales rep?
In fact, according to a report by Forrester, 68% of B2B customers prefer to research independently online. Companies are turned off by cold outreach strategies and already have an idea, based on their online research, of what solutions and companies interest them. Cold outreach is instantly met with the cold shoulder.
This demonstrates the importance of sales working with digital marketing. If companies you want to acquire are on the internet, then why not meet them there? Digital marketing works to engage your target prospects in channels they prefer and with strategies that are effective (take social media, for example). An effective collaboration leverages a feedback loop from sales on what information is needed (or is in demand), while marketing works to distribute that information to generate leads. This is then supported by an inside sales process in which accountability and touch points along the buyer’s journey are recorded in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool.

Funnel Sales Charts

How Much Time Should the Sales Team Spend Actually Selling?

Sales teams of successful healthcare technology companies should spend the majority of their time actually selling. This wouldn’t sound so revolutionary if it were actually happening, but it often isn’t. Sales team members can get bogged down traveling, cold calling, and even verifying account data from a prospect list that is likely old and outdated.

Funnel Sales Chart 1

But a healthcare company that utilizes digital marketing to create interest, generate awareness, and drive action frees up their sales team to do what they do best — having real conversations with real potential customers that have demonstrated interest in their product. This also creates additional bandwidth for the sales team to do other things that are important to long term success of a healthcare company such as onboarding new customers (big or small), handling big customer care issues, converting existing customers into brand ambassadors, and CRM admin reporting and maintenance.

Modern Healthcare Sales Organization Anatomy

Ultimately, the structure of a sales organization is created to maximize earning potential, but here is one setup that will work for most B2B healthcare companies:

Digital Marketing Team
  • Marketing Lead & Strategist: Sees the big picture and understands execution-level components. Develops a short- and long-term growth strategy and actionable plan.
  • UX & Graphic Designer: Produces high-quality experiences and graphics that tell the story of your solution and portrays the value points of your company.
  • Website Developer: Quickly turns designs and web experiences into realities, allowing marketers to learn and iterate rapidly.
  • Growth Marketer: Focuses on creating digital demand through organic channels, paid channels, and content strategies to convert leads.
  • Content Specialist: Tells the brand story, while pushing individuals through a sales journey. Handles website content, ad copy, and email content.
Sales Team
  • Sales Development Representative (SDR): Focuses on inbound lead qualification and scheduling appointments.
  • Account Executive (AE): Responsible for closing deals. They manage qualified leads until they convert them to paying customers.
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM): Ensures that customers are happy and do not churn. They aim to maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

The Time for Transformation is Now

Healthcare is no longer immune to market forces. The time to take action, build for the future, and invest in a modern (and scalable) sales and marketing system is now. Are you ready for your digital transformation?

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