Digital Acquisition Process That Consistently Performs

Our 3-step process builds a lasting foundation for organic growth, user experience, and paid demand generation.

Digital Foundation

Your foundation is the most important piece of a digital marketing strategy, and it is the part that most companies get wrong. In the world of digital acquisition, there are 3 things that must always be in place before starting paid acquisition:

  • SEO fundamentals
  • Analytics and complete conversion tracking
  • User-focused website and landing pages optimized for conversions

The team at OM is experienced at building all 3 pieces and ensuring that they work together seamlessly.


Strategic & Demand Generation

Channels like Google AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be extremely effective when done right, and extremely expensive when done wrong. Our team begins with small yet focused campaigns to discover the best channels for your business. Through our data-driven process, we then optimize these channels to prepare for digital growth.


Growth & Optimization

Launching and early optimization is 10% of the work. Businesses scale in the growth and optimization phase. At this stage, our team will help you drive growth by focusing keywords, audiences, and ad-copy where conversions are happening.